Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Plan

My last blog was about procrastinating. Now I am ready to outline what I plan to do, particularly with this blog. There are few people in this world who feel everyone understands and appreciates them and I am no exception.

To make it to this stage I would like to thank a few people. My daughter Heather, above all for offering me a blog and maintaining it even when I didn't make a move for over a year. Michael, my son for inspiring me with his own blog (that I read every chance). One of my bosses, Barry for getting me started on Twitter. My nephews David and Nick Olynyk also deserve thanks for helping me overcome a few obstacles--there are still plenty of them, but some momentum has been established.

A blog is almost pointless without an audience. On the other hand I also believe that we all benefit from sorting out our own thoughts and writing them down is a great way to gain some understanding and focus to the future.

Great parts of my story will bore most people. Almost any part will be of interest to someone, somewhere. Like most people I have learned a lot of things the hard way, some things have been learned by a conscious effort to take advantage of other people's experience and I have been fortunate to have been given a lot of opportunities. A lot of the time I feel life has been unfair to me, but really thinking about it--the world has been more unfair to a lot more people.

To get from where one is to where one wants to be requires some effort and some thinking. Figuring out what you really want is critical. There likely will be many different ways to get there.

My aim is to make this blog interesting, explanatory and helpful. As has been offered to me, anyone who will consider my experience and viewpoint can benefit from things I have learned, taking a short cut. We are all born to a unique situation and the first part of our life is spent trying to absorb just where we are and trying to figure out what we want and how to get it.

To me a successful writer spends a lot of time re-writing, however a successful blogger must present his writing more often and consequentially spend less time re-writing. I will try to make myself as clear as possible without boring anyone kind enough to read my thoughts.

As time goes on you become aware that this is really a big world with many opportunities. Opportunities to progress materially and opportunities to find out what you really want.

As far as making money goes I have learned you don't have to please everyone, but you do need to find enough people who have resources to spend on your solution to some problem. Social media, not requiring loads of money or inhuman amounts of time can help extend your message

I am by nature (upbringing and probably genetics) a contrarian. I grew up in Oshawa, "Motor City". My father a truck driver would not buy a General Motors truck and as he became well known a car rally driver wouldn't drive a General Motors vehicle. A source of pride was after my father won the Canadian Winter Rally (his first effort and against the European champion) our family car (a Riley) was on the back cover of a major auto magazine. Always resistant to waves of popularity and always willing to consider some alternative. I have been part of the crowd, but also wandered off to pursue something else of interest.

In future blogs I want to explain what I have learned about the sales world, the value of what I am selling now and how I have expanded what I enjoy in life. I enjoy such things as movies, books, music, politics, sports, pets (including horses), nature, food and beverage and more. I am sure all readers will gloss over much of my thoughts, but if they can bear with it they may find some insight that will help them get more out of life. There is a lot I hope to explain and hopefully at least a little worth reading.

What I know came from other people. I sought out some of it, but much of it came unexpectedly. I have a quote from John Lawrence Reynolds that I rotate on my office wall, "Experience is what you get when you were expecting something else." If you think about that for a bit, isn't that what life boils down to?

I love to talk, to write, to explain, maybe too much to preach. You don't have to agree with or care about everything I express (that would be impossible). I believe in an honest attempt to understand what makes the world work and what makes us work. There is inevitably conflicting evidence. If we can learn to appreciate contrary opinions we can not only work better together, but enjoy more of what life has to offer.

A little teaser. My interest in opera comes with a direct connection to Wayne Gretsky and working on my family tree. One of many things I will blog about.

The photo I chose is of Tiffany Falls which is a short pleasant walk from a public road in Hamilton and a moment of peace.

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